Tractor Boy (From Soccer AM

Movie Rating: 4 / five

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| November 24th, 2013 | Posted in Coventry City |

25 Responses to “Tractor Boy (From Soccer AM”

  1. mark perry Says:

    absolute QUALITY, pissin mesel !!!!!!!!

  2. utube2594 Says:


  3. geistigunsicher Says:

    It’s iNbred, not iMbred.

  4. samthomas85 Says:

    this video is taken in leics notts border near my old house, just off the
    a46 heading towards leicester,

  5. Monkeyzdude2 Says:

    Finally a version that is in time!!!1 HE IS R.E.T.A.R.D.E.D

  6. 248jfal Says:

    He’s going slow and i don’t like that Not one bit

  7. James Lovick Says:

    Suppose hes from Ipswich its invested with tractor boys.

  8. DJ Badger Says:

    Can’t beat a farmer for speedy drivin

  9. EddCook3 Says:

    This is gold. Absolute gold.

  10. jack9421 Says:

    wheres this geezer from?

  11. sheltonjb Says:

    shall i do it!? shall i do it!? foook it! hahaha, sounds thick as shit dont
    he haha, quality

  12. 1992dave2007 Says:

    hahaha aint seen this in years

  13. OsakaMaachan Says:

    yeah he is buddeh he went school near me by melton. that’s in leics

  14. York2k9 Says:

    and wer go go karting CR-AZY

  15. WaldoGrapelliOHare Says:

    He’s gonna av my fuckin pants down!

  16. PeZAiSahUnTEr Says:

    I need this mans number!

  17. Filbert Street Says:

    leicestershire la la la, leicestershire la la la.

  18. dean stormcrow Says:

    the best video on youtube

  19. Adz4grove Says:

    He did not, He did not, look happy. hahaha! kerazey!

  20. 11BlackburnRovers11 Says:


  21. gking92bcfc Says:

    “he did not look happy!” XD

  22. brucemscott Says:

    absolute mintage hes mentality its self

  23. wafcjjb Says:

    go go-karting,easyyyy

  24. kingofleicester Says:

    This man is a fucking legend, fair enough he’s even more pikey than Devvo
    was, but why not, he’s gotta be a happy man.

  25. jamesrfry Says:

    that doesnt make him imbred, if his mum was his sister and dad was uncle.
    thats imbred. all your saying there is that both parents are he/she’s