coventry city football club. play up sky blues fa cup winners

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| February 21st, 2013 | Posted in Coventry City |

25 Responses to “coventry city football club. play up sky blues fa cup winners”

  1. Milkyys Gamiing Says:

    We certainly are shooting to win now

  2. goldyn12345 Says:

    come on city!!!! bring on chelsea!!!

  3. phantompoet22 Says:

    rob hopkins sky blue through and through, died today, RIP ROB PUSB!!

  4. ccfccalz Says:

    this is wat u call a team cum on u sky blues ccfc

  5. JustJ168 Says:

    @sexylives1 Sorry what was the last score against Cov at the Ricoh, oh wait
    2-1 tous, WAY

  6. Shaun Loakes Says:

    can u send me the song pleaz m8 cheers

  7. sbhenno Says:

    shit team shit fans shit team shit fans!

  8. eastwoodgolfclub Says:

    MON THE HOOPS !!!!!!

  9. ChoppeRocky Says:

    PUSB x

  10. samiscool87 Says:


  11. ozoccfc Says:

    ccfc till i die 🙂

  12. Matthew Keay Says:

    lol, i live in cov. best team in the world!!! well in 87 we were. i hate to
    make u feel sad but…… u look like joe pasquali!!!!

  13. marshalltheoffender Says:

    we are sittin watchin the 2nd play of blackburn n we won this is our year

  14. Kevin Hoare Says:

    @sexylives1 “Liefs” “Youse” “use” and a complete lack of basic syntax and
    punctuation makes me laugh.

  15. BS15RED Says:

    Shame you were so crap last night!

  16. UltraCOV Says:


  17. marshalltheoffender Says:

    lol we go to the hub pub after every match

  18. Andy Spokes Says:

    Heck love the Sky Blues!! Every time I come back to the UK I’m down there!!
    Shit must be because I’m from Warwickshire!! Wouldn’t change it for the
    world lads!!

  19. hillbillyfat Says:

    city till i die your mums fukin noged out of her head did she cum to the
    pub in the end lol cov 1-0 wooooooooooooooooooopppppppppppppppp

  20. Kish5739 Says:


  21. Josh Brown Says:


  22. marshalltheoffender Says:

    suck ya mums cock

  23. arsenal4va26 Says:

    amazing love it pusb

  24. smithy118500ify Says:

    SKY BLUES SHOOTING TO WIN!!! GO FOR IT CITY!!! Love the city!!

  25. YouwantBeans Beener Says:

    sky blues forever no matter what <3