1. What exactly were they ejecting him for? Fair play to Cov fans for sticking
    up for him – grabbing him round the throat was out of order. From a

  2. funniest game i attended at richo well done to the blues who stood up pusb

  3. Fuck is with the old bill getting involved in nothing,had they not been
    there there’d have been no trouble AMF

  4. respect. from an oxford fan.we have had our fair share of owners we wanted
    out and demonstrated.why don’t they stop man utd fans wearing green and
    yellow scarves then….

  5. fuck off and grow some bollocks you spineless cunt. coppers should go after
    real criminals and do the job they are supposed to you know fighting crime
    and arresting criminals, instead of going after easy targets at a football
    match. respect to coventry fans for their continued protests.

  6. Police should not get involved in football politics because it’s none of
    there business. They deserved everything they got ohh and lol at the geeza
    in the blue jacket giving that copper a sly jab.

  7. In the days before seats and CCTV those coppers would have got the hiding
    they deserved.

  8. what a bunch of complete idiots… you are protesting your ownership and
    contradicting the cause by actually being in the fuckin ground, paying
    money to the owners. If you really want to make a stand then BOYCOTT. Fair
    play to the police, most of the cunts here were just looking for trouble
    ruining it for the few who were there to watch a game of football and not
    protesting, so fuck off with all this ‘fair play to the fans’ bollocks

  9. Great. Grabbing people by the neck? Awful policing. Heavy handed and
    corrupt to the core.

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