1. He didn’t, he made it at Forest. We sold a decent left back who went on to
    become a legend at NFFC.

  2. I’m a Wolves fan, but I loved this video. How football used to be when I
    was a kid (7 at the time). Pitch invasions that didn’t incur fines from the
    authorities and true sentiment from the commentator instead of the
    catchphrase drivel of today and snide remarks from Lineker and his scouse
    mates on MOTD. Brilliant stuff. I hope you come up soon.

  3. @nickhemming24 Because he’s far too good for us even now. If I remember
    correctly he scored 19-19 and then 13 part way thru the season he left to
    join manure. And then became nothing. Perfect.

  4. I was at this game with my Dad……I can barely remember being so euphoric
    at a Football match. It was so expected we were going to get stuffed….
    Sad seeing poor old Highfield Road. Sky Blue forever and RIP Dad.

  5. Was Bruce Grobbelaar on drugs? Well played Sky Blues. P.S. Forgot Stuart
    Pearce made his name at Cov…

  6. if you know your history, well its enough to make your heart go boom, boom,
    boom, boom, oh dear the legions here and dont it make you feel good….

  7. This game proves how money has ruined the beautiful game. It could never
    happen today, a City side with players mostly from the lower divisions,
    outclassed what was then the best team in Europe. Sad to think that our
    only hope of seeing the like of this again is if a crazy billionaire bought
    the club.

  8. I was in the west end that day and still remember the atmosphere ….
    imagine Cov and a bunch of ordinary players giving a wonderful team like
    Liverpool and their team of greats a lesson, those were the days, we may
    yet return to them … up the city!

  9. what a game, I watched this on a school freebie (Barr’s Hill) first City
    game I ever went to-the ggod old days, pitch invasion and all-play up sky

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