1. I was at this match and there’d been a fair bit of trouble on the
    foreshore, the night before. Swans dominated this match from start to
    finish (the footage simply reflects that fact) and for me this was the best
    ever team to wear the shirt. I appreciate the premiership, but this era was
    shot through with unique jewels…Dzemal Hadziabdic, Ante Rajkovic, Neil
    Robinson, Leighton James, the late Robbie James and Alan Curtis.

  2. im selling the pasties to the chelsea fans just behind the left side of the
    goals u can see me jumping around when we score the 1st goal

  3. I remember attending this match….Great days!….Hopefully we are on the
    brink of the top flight once more!!!!

  4. Swansea used to be my fav champs team, now there my favourite prem team. Im
    fo’ever blowin’ bubbles

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