Coventry City looks fragile

New Coventry City manager Mark Robin said that his team appears to be quite fragile and lack match fitness.

He believes that his side is not good enough at the moment to compete in League One. He made the statement after his side suffered their third defeat in a row against MK Dons.

He said that he was surprised with what he has seen on the pitch and he cannot understand how the players suffered physically. For him, the League One is a demanding league, and it is important that players are at their peak physically if they want to win game.

However, he admitted that there are signs of progress and that the players are slowly getting accustomed to his playing style.

But at the moment the players do not seem to be able to play like this for 90 minutes, and this is likely to cause problems.

He said that there are some good players in the team, and there is some undeniable talent, but the players need to give their best on the pitch. He said that he would be working harder on fitness and ensure that the players improve physically.

He said that the biggest problem at the moment is that the players cannot play for 90 minutes and that they get tired at the end of the match. He said that they are starting games well and creating chances, but this is simply not enough as they cannot mount a sustainable pressure on the opposing team.

Mark Robin said that he does not want to critic his predecessors, but he feels that the players have not been prepared physically. He believes that there is still a lot of work to be done and that he will do everything he can to help the team win games.