1. When the competition was everything everyone says it is today. Great game
    with the right result.

  2. The fa cup was special back then and the new wembley doesnt feel as
    special. Great game.

  3. Why have 5 or so spurs players wearing shirts without the sponsors name? I
    was 16 and in Coventry this very weekend and as an Arsenal fan I was very
    happy indeed with the final score. 26 years on and all they have managed to
    win is 1 FA cup and 2 league cup. Oh dear!

  4. my birthday may 16th lived in canada at the time, but went out that night
    with my coventry football gear on!! It was also my 25th birthday!

  5. This was magic on the day but why oh why do we have to put up with Alan
    Partridge commentating. He was as dull and unexcited when Sanchez of
    Wimbledon scored against Liverpool in the final, we need a Brazilian

  6. Shame, you figured this was Hoddle’s swan song for Spurs before leaving for
    Monaco, yet I cant be harsh, they gave it their usual artistry. Coventry
    just seemed to have found extra to get the cup!!!! This is one of the best
    cup finals I watched.

  7. Still grates how this wonderfully talented Spurs team ended up winning

  8. Many thanks for posting this, I was at wembley on this glorious day for the
    sky blues, and watching this just caused the the memories to come flooding
    back. The one thing that this video clip reminds me of though is, the
    intensity and sheer volume of the noise on that day. The new wembley does
    not even come close to generating the same atmosphere as it’s famouus

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