Tony Mowbray going to search the suitable men to buy for Club

While the last date for buying someone from his club has gone with the window closing, it’s still possible to buy someone who is not contracted to any club.

So, Tony Mowbray is now going to search the suitable men whom he can buy from the list of free agents.

According to Mowbray, certain clubs in the third division are trying to make a ridiculous number of signings and are going for almost all the players which are up for sale and since, they are not backing off from spending high, they can seal any deal they are interested in which is a problem for other clubs.

Mowbray has managed to have some decent buys, but, they are youngsters and while in the view of Mowbray, they would be useful, he reckons it would be ideal if he can rope in some seasoned campaigners too from somewhere because his team is not the most experienced.

The former Middlesbrough player said, “We did our bit, we made the effort, but, you know when you are up against clubs which seem to want every name which is in the market and ready to spend anything, it gets complicated.”

“Once the month ends and it goes a bit easy in the market, we would be having a look at our options. Obviously, plenty of names with no contract at the moment but out of them, we can only buy those who suit us.”

“Getting youngsters with potential is always a plus and in the past week or so we have welcomed a few of them, but, now I think it’s about having a couple of players who comes in with a little bit of experience as well. Although, our experienced players have stayed, but, a couple more would be good.”