Coventry City To Decide On Stadium For Use

Coventry City has completed a decade that has proven turbulent in many ways.

It might be looking at moving from the current Ricoh Arena, where it was playing. It had entered into talks with the Coventry Rugby club in playing at the Butts Park Arena. The club has confirmed talks about securing a deal. It would help expand the stadium to a size that would be comfortable for playing and will ensure that day revenue on non match days would be earned. This was a problem that they were facing at Ricoh Arena.

This decision will appeal to many fans of Coventry City. Many miss the previous location which was in the center of the city at Highfield road. They had been disillusioned with the faded life that the club had been leading at the Ricoh Arena. The ground is able to hold only 3000 but it can be expanded to hold about 15000.  This would be taken up when the Sky Blues decides to move in. If the pitch is successful the grounds would be looking to accommodate a maximum capacity of 25000.

Decisions are yet to be made or finalized. There are two more years of the club that they need to play at Ricoh has per current contract. The chairman, however, indicated that this is a possibility that might take place. The chairman of the rugby team stated that this would be possible as it made sense for the city of Coventry. They would be finding it economical as well; both the clubs operate out of shared grounds. Coventry fans are being asked to provide their opinions and let the authorities of the clubs know what they feel. Many might think that the club needs to stay back at the Ricoh arena while others might be looking forward to the club moving to a city center location.