1. Thanks for posting. Wolves v Coventry was always high octane in them days.
    The only player on the pitch to lift the European Cup had a bad game that
    day? I wonder if Eric Idle was sat in the main stand also?

  2. Thanks for upload. I was at this game on the Southbank with the City fans.
    I can remember Dougan getting knocked out in the warm up by a ‘shot’ from
    Hibbitt and the kick off being delayed. Bobby Parker had a fucking mare!
    Happy days though.

  3. Thank you mercian,can rember queing in the alley next to molineux to buy
    tickets for this game.Walked from Willenhall in the early hours pinching
    newspapers along the way. Really thought it was our cup that year but
    Mcgarry’s side lost to Leeds in the semis. Great schoolboy memories and

  4. Love these uploads, Mercian, and am really grateful. I am old enough to
    remember McGarry’s fine side, and was at this match to see JR at his best.
    For those of my generation he is arguably the biggest Wolves star of
    all-more so than Bully. It’s worth mentioniong that when I got to my seat
    and looked around, I couldn’t believe the size of the crowd. Awesome stuff.

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