Mark Robins disappointed with the result

Coventry City manager Mark Robins said that he is disappointed with his players following their defeat against Fleetwood Town. He said that they started the match well and that they created some good chances in the first half. But unfortunately they could not keep up playing the same way in the second half and they ended up being beaten 3-0.

Mark Robins said that he is disappointed with his defence to have conceded three goals in quick succession. He said that they should have done better and not conceded some cheap goals. He said that in the first half his team played really well and they denied Fleetwood Town players time and space on the ball.

He said that he does not know what happened in the second half and they were second best at everything. He believes that the Fleetwood Town players were more motivated and wanted to win the game more. He said that the Coventry City players will have to learn from this game and make sure that they do not repeat the same mistakes again.

Mark Robins said that a game is played during the course of 90 minutes and that it is not enough to play well only in the first half.

The Coventry City manager admitted that Fleetwood Town had the better team and that they were more experienced than his players. He said that the opposing team clearly did not want to lose this game and they created the best opportunities in the second half. He said that in matches like this you need to fight until the end and he feels that his players did not do enough in order to win this game.

He said that they now have to focus on the next game and make sure they win it.